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/ April 1, 2019

Cowboy Trade Platers: Whose delivering your car?

With so many vehicle movement agents starting up in recent years it’s difficult to know just who is actually driving your cars to customers doors and representing your company.

Trade plating is a very transient work, drivers leave companies each week. The job offers a range of options to a variety of people. Self-employed in theory, some staff use this job as short-term or a “just to get by” type job. With this, comes short-term thinking and a poor attitude. So, knowing the company you choose for a customer handover is very important. You need a trusted company with professional, polite drivers.

The Pro’s and con’s

Auction style, vehicle movement websites!

The pro’s: you can find people willing to move a car for very cheap.

The con’s: your vehicle will most likely be used as a “taxi” to lift drivers to and from locations, your vehicle could be driven around the country for a couple of days before reaching you. Another scenario, customer face to face handovers. We live in a highly competitive age where customer service is a huge factor in any business/sale. The driver delivering your car may have little to no experience of the vehicle controls and paperwork. Probably has a “just to get by” job attitude.

You need a company with long-term vision, professional and well trained drivers. A company that takes pride in the work they do. Forge a relationship built on trust and customer service with the right vehicle movement company is essential to your reputation as a salesman.


We look at the downfalls of using auction style websites and the cowboys of the industry.

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